Hustlers Movie

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Hustlers Movie review – J-Lo’s stealing strippers saga is a vicarious thrill

Hustlers Movie

After the dog days of August, littered with one lazily patchworked Hollywood product after another, there’s something wickedly indulgent about the arrival of Hustlers, a slick, flashy, seductively entertaining segue from one season to the next. It’s ideally positioned, premiering at the Toronto film festival before a mid-September release: it matches the immediate gratification of a summer movie with the artful substantiveness of an awards contender – yet remains not quite definable as either.

From Fyre festival to Hustlers: why are we so obsessed with scammers?
Based on an acclaimed long-read feature by Jessica Pressler, it tells a story that feels familiar and fresh. Familiar because we’re accustomed to the fact-based crime movie formula, but fresh because we don’t usually see it played out with women. It’s 2007 and Destiny (Constance Wu) has discovered that the life of a stripper isn’t quite as glamorous or as lucrative as she thought. The competition is fierce, the clientele is either creepy (“What did daddy do to you?”) or racist (“Hey, come here Lucy Liu!”) and by the time the men she works for have taken their cut, the money is barely adequate. It doesn’t help that she’s not quite sure what to do or just how to move her body to make more money, something she’s keenly aware of when she meets Ramona (Jennifer Lopez).


Terinspirasi oleh artikel New York Magazine yang viral, Hustlers akan bercerita tentang sekelompok mantan karyawan klub penari tiang yang bersatu untuk mengambil keuntungan dari para klien mereka yang berasal dari Wall Street.
Tanggal rilis: 18 Oktober 2019 (Indonesia)
Sutradara: Lorene Scafaria
Pendapatan kotor: $72.4 juta
Nominasi: Penghargaan Golden Globe untuk Aktris Pendukung Terbaik, lainnya
Produser: Jennifer Lopez, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Jessica Elbaum, Benny Medina,

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